About me – Antonio Diaz


Welcome to my website, in this section you will learn who I am, along with my trajectory in the world of business and entrepreneurship in the U.S. My name is Antonio Diaz Hernandez, a mentor, and strategist by vocation, with over 12 years of experience building powerful businesses. What is my differentiator? I can start with just an idea from my clients. 

From a very early age, I was able to build successful businesses in my native country, Venezuela, which later with time and given the geographical relocation, this success, did not limit me in my goal of growing as a businessman. In just three years, I led my main business to a winning port.

I am proudly Venezuelan, born in the state of Aragua and 12 years ago I made one of the most difficult, but also the most rewarding decisions of my life: to settle in the city of Miami, Florida, USA.

In this wonderful country, I have undertaken several brands with a lot of knowledge and successful strategies, I have managed to turn each one of them into great references in their areas, positioning them within the diverse market that exists in the United States and making them 100% successful.

I am the author of a great book entitled “El Músculo de la Prosperidad” (The Muscle of Prosperity) which for its broad and accurate content on the world of entrepreneurship and business, has broken sales records on Amazon.

I am also passionate about soccer, a sport that has allowed me to have the discipline and orientation to success and that today has allowed me to move forward with a good foot in my business goals, as well as inspire many other people who have moved forward with me.

Today I offer you all my experience and trajectory to help you on this path that only winners and achievers like you dare to walk.

I want to guide you to monetize your own brand, change your mindset to connect and generate money, build a winning team and grow your business without sacrificing your comfort.

I am the mentor that will help you develop a successful and profitable business, without losing your money and much less your profits in the attempt.

Today is a great day for you to change your mindset! Come and experience with me the power of planning and strategy.

I invite you to materialize your ideal business so you can reach levels you can’t even imagine!



  1. Since I was 16 years old, I have been involved in the business world with my successful ventures.
  2. I have extensive experience in the conception, creation, and consolidation of successful companies.
  3. In only three years, I built a profitable company outside my country, which went from having only four employees in the beginning to 60 employees.
  4. With leadership, success, commitment, trust, efficiency, and responsibility, I will guide you step by step in the mission of building a differentiating and profitable business.
  5. My philosophy is simple: building a business does not mean buying a job. Don’t become your own employee! A successful business allows you to reap profitability and increase your sales, but it should also provide you with peace of mind, comfort, and enjoyment.
  6. I value and respect working together and will teach you that teamwork makes progress easier. Learn how to make your teamwork with you and not for you, and you will open the door to resounding success.